Do you pose shots during the wedding day? 

  • I take a mostly photo journalistic approach to wedding photography, mostly capturing the day as it unfolds. However there will be certain times where I may have you do exactly what you're already doing, just in a different light or in a way that photographs just a bit better. Of course the exception is for formal and couple photos following the ceremony. 

Can our guests take photos?

  • Your guests are welcome to take photos during the reception, however I highly recommend having an unplugged ceremony. This just means you would have your officiant politely let guests know that it is the wishes of the bride and groom to keep their technology put away and enjoy the ceremony. Of course this is ultimately up to you, but keep in mind that people LOVE getting their perfect shot, even if it means keeping the person you hired to shoot your wedding from getting it. 

Can we give you a shot list?

  • While a shot list is a great guide for what to capture, I'd prefer to not be handed a list of "required" shots. In the time leading up to the wedding, we discuss the photography coverage extensively, so we'll definitely cover what people, places, and details are important to you. The exception is for formal photos following the ceremony.